Every day in the Agenda section we discuss different topics related to potlitics, economy, social life, inviromental issues and everything related to life.

We chose one file for each day and look into the topic in details, we host experts on each field. With his professional perspective Toney Mansour asks direct questions and the topic is discussed in an objective language.

The program provides space for experts from Turkey and the Arab countries through skype and live phone calls.

Discussions are supported with visual materials, our team prepares reports related to the topics and follows conferences around Turkey.
Tülay Atay Avşar | TRT Panorama
Güneri Özsoy | TRT Panorama
Talha Köse | TRT Panorama
Oğuz Demir | TRT Panorama
Füsun Sönmez | TRT Panorama
Prof. Nader Nada | TRT Panorama
Süleyman Kızıltoprak | TRT Panorama
Günnur Özalp | TRT Panorama
Cem Negrin | TRT Panorama